Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mahogany Getaway still available as a vacation rental?

No, Mahogany Getaway is no longer available. Between the high cost of arline flights, the Zika scare, the cost of everything on St Thomas, interest in Cuba and a host of other reasons, we have been forced to leave the short term rental market. We do sincerely thank our past guests for their patronage, and hope they'll visit St Thomas again.

Then why do you still have this website?

Because it's already paid for, and we couldn't get a refund.

Do I need a passport?

FAQ USVIpassportAssuming you are a U.S. citizen, then no. Read the details here. However, if you are planning a day trip to one of the British Virgin Islands during your stay, then yes, you will need a passport.



What is the closest beach? Can I walk to the beach?

Mahogany Getaway is not directly on the beach. Instead, it is centrally located on the north (slightly cooler) side of the island. Why limit yourself to one beach? This location allows you to explore any one of St. Thomas' 40 different beautiful beaches . After your day at the beach, or shopping, or exploring, or diving, or just sightseeing, come home to Mahogany Getaway and relax with a cool drink on the terrace, and soak up the view.

You are about a mile (as the seagull flies) from Magens Bay Beach , one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Magens Bay is consistently highly rated on TripAdvisor. At Magens Bay you can swim, snorkel, kayek, beach board, enjoy food and beverages (bring your own, or purchase there) or just relax.

Is the bedroom separate from the living area?

Yes, the bedroom is a completely separate room, with a door. Here is the floor plan:









What should I pack?

FAQ packYour clothes and tooth brush. The condo is fully equipped for cooking. All linens are provided, including beach towels. Toiletries, as well as laundry detergent, and coffee and various teas are also in the unit, as well as condiments in the fridge. There is a hair dryer in the full bath. Also included are a large capacity washer and dryer and laundry supplies, iron and ironing board. Also beach chairs and coolers. Bring your suit, snorkel, and fins (although we do have a couple of masks and snorkels available) and make yourself at home.


Should I rent a car?

FAQ car rentalWe strongly recommend renting a car. Mahogany Run is off the beaten path, so you will spend a lot of time waiting for taxis if you do not have a car. The taxi fares are very high in St. Thomas. Finally, having a car gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. You will quickly adapt to driving on the left.

People drive on the left in St. Thomas?

FAQ keepleftYes, St. Thomas drivers drive on the left, with cars that have their steering wheels on the left. However, there are no interstates on the island, and the curves and hills keep traffic going at a reasonable speed. Also, you will find most of the island drivers are courteous and understanding. When you need to make a right turn in a crowded situation, a driver will soon yield to you, with a quick tap on their horn (bip!), which means "go ahead". You, in turn, respond with a quick tap, which means "thank you" (try using your thumb). Also, "left-on-red after stop" applies.


Can you recommend a car rental agency?

FAQ carrentalOur personal preference is to rent with either Avis or Budget. They are both at the airport, and have competitive rates (check their websites for rates and to book. If you book through their website, call and confirm a week before you travel, and be sure to have documentation in hand when you arrive). There are other agencies, and even some local ones that advertise "best rates on the island", but we have found they often use hidden fees and scare tactics to induce you to end up paying higher rates than the big names. Be sure and check with your insurance company to make sure you are covered on the island. Hertz does not allow you to take their cars to St. John.

Can I take my rental car to St. John?

FAQ car ferryLast time we checked (Jan 2014) both Avis and Budget allowed you to take a rental car to St. John. Before you arrive, you should confirm with whichever agency you select. Avis and Budget are in the airport.


Can I smoke in the unit? How about out on the gallery?

FAQ no smoking


This is a non-smoking unit, and is insured as such. There is absolutely no smoking permitted anywhere in the unit, including the gallery.



Does the unit have air conditioning?

FAQ air conditioning

The unit is fully air conditioned. It is furnished with two high efficiency "split" air conditioners.



Do you have a swimming pool?

12b Sanderling pool   full viewThe complex has two pools available. The closest to our unit is on the next street up from ours, about a 5 minute walk. The pool is rarely busy.



What's the Mahogany Run community like?

FAQ communityLike many properties on St. Thomas, Mahogany Getaway is situated in a very private residential area. If you plan on having a late night celebration, we would ask that you do so in one of the local nightspots rather than at our condo. Most residents here go to bed at about 10 p.m. and get up early. We will definitely hear about it if they hear you blasting the stereo, so please be considerate of the neighbors. They are not on vacation!

What does it cost to golf?

FAQ cost of golfWe are not golfers. However, according to past guests, golf is seasonally priced. The cost of golf was $150 for 18 holes until June 3rd. They also reported a twilight price of $110.00 if you had a tee time after 1:30 pm. After June 3rd it went down to $110.00. To rent clubs it was $45.00 and for shoes it was $15.00. You can get complete details at

Can I see the golf course from the condo?

FAQ mahogany run golf courseNo, you cannot see the golf course from the condo, but the view of the ocean and neighboring islands is outstanding and visible from every room. The golf course view is on the other side of the mountain that Mahogany Run is built on. Our side is the ocean side, which is the preferred view.

What payment methods do you accept?

FAQ payment methodsWe accept MasterCard and Visa. You can pay by credit (NOT DEBIT) card using either our our secure server, or Paypal (credit or debit). Click here for a PDF document describing the credit card payment process.
If you decide to use Paypal, you DON'T have to have an account with Paypal to use them. There is a place to click at the bottom of the Paypal screen if you either don't have, or don't want to use your account.
If you make your reservation far enough ahead, and arrange it with us, we will accept a personal check.

What's going to happen when I click that link to accept the reservation you offered?

FAQ happenWhen you decide to accept our offer, you will click on the link we have provided. It will take you to our reservation system on You will go through a four step process (described in detail here):

Step 1 of 4: You will complete & verify your contact information (if necessary)
Step 2 of 4: You will review and accept the terms of the rental agreement
Step 3 of 4: You will select a payment method
Step 4 of 4: You select final acceptance and may optionally provide feedback

We will be notified by email, and will then send you a verification, and other information you will need.

Is this rental listed on any of the commercial vacation-rental-by-owner websites?

Yes. We are listed  (our preferred vendor). We are also on TripAdvisor(Flipkey) andHomeAwayand VRBO

How late are the stores open?

FAQ how lateMost of the stores downtown start closing around 5PM (when the cruise ships leave). The restaurants stay open later.




What time is it in St. Thomas?

St. Thomas is on Atlantic Standard time, and we never change our clocks. During the winter, we are 1 hour ahead of New York (EST), but during the summer the times are the same. 

How safe is the island?

FAQ policeUnfortunately, crime is everywhere. Be "street smart," as you would in any large city, and walk where there are other people around.


What is the weather there?

On average, in the low 80s. June, July and August tend to be the hottest months with temperatures in the mid 80s and December through February cooler months with high 70 degree temperatures.
Water temperatures in the Virgin Islands do not change greatly from summer to winter, however the 4 or 5 degree change is noticeable to those acclimated to consistently warm tropical weather. In the summer months the water temperature is about 83 degrees and in the winter about 79 degrees.
The Virgin Islands does not have a rainy season, however there are month to month differences. The rainiest months in the Virgin Islands are November, October, September, August and May. Rainy months do not mean that there is continuous rainfall every day all month long, in fact most daily rainfall reports are below .10 inches. Rain showers are often short and typically occur early in the morning or at night. On a truly rainy day, it will rain off and on for the entire day. All day downpours over numerous days are not common. The driest months are typically February and March.
Find more about Weather in St Thomas
Click for complete forecast

Does St. Thomas have its own currency?

FAQ money

No. St. Thomas is a U.S. territory, and uses United States currency. Most major credit cards are accepted, although Discover is relatively unpopular, and many merchants decline Amex due to their high transaction cost.

On a similar note, our mail is delivered by the US Postal Service, so you can use standard postage on your postcards. Our zip code is 00802.


How can the unit sleep four people?

FAQ sleep four

Two people would sleep in the queen size bed in the bedroom. Two additional persons would sleep on the queen size pullout sleep sofa in the living area.


Can I drink the water?

FAQ waterThe water is absolutely safe to drink. The unit shares a special ultra-violet water filtration system with two other units in the building. However, like at home, bottled water is available all over the island if you prefer. On the subject of water, keep in mind you are on an island, with only one small fresh water stream on the entire island. Water is extremely precious, and very expensive. We would ask that you help us conserve by not letting the water run unnecessarily, taking short showers, and flushing only when necessary. The saying here is "On this island of sun and fun, we never flush for number one!" (really, they do say that). Also, please report any and all drips and leaks to us.

Can you recommend a restaurant? Can you recommend a beach?

FAQ recommend a restaurant

St. Thomas is known for its wonderful restaurants, and its beautiful beaches. We have a book in the unit with our favorite picks of each. 

If you can't wait, you can click here for an online beach guide, and here for an online restaurant guide. Or you can scan the code to the right to go directly to the restaurant guide.

sttonline scancode

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

FAQ conserve energyLike water, electricity is precious and expensive (roughly 4 to 5 times as expensive as in the states). The north side of the island is cooler than the rest of the island, and often breezy. However, there will probably be times when you want the comfort of air conditioning. We would ask that you conserve energy by turning the units off when you are not in the room, when you are not in the unit, or when the room has been sufficiently cooled. The units are powerful, and you'll find that they quickly do their job.



Is there anything else I should know about the local customs?

FAQ local customsLocal custom dictates that you greet a person with the time of day. You should always start with "Good morning", "Good afternoon", "Good evening", or "Good night" before you say anything else. This is a very important and respected matter of etiquette here. In general, you will enjoy the islands and your stay much more if you practice this simple and friendly courtesy. Otherwise, you could be viewed as a rude and impatient tourist and service could be much slower.